3 Tips To Help You Break The Ice And Bond With Your Apartment Complex Neighbors

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It's always nice to be on good terms with your neighbors. But when you live in an apartment complex, where your neighbors on either side and above or below you might be able to hear many of the movements you make, a friendly relationship with your neighbors is more than nice – it's necessary. Poor relationships with your apartment complex neighbors can really make your day-to-day life uncomfortable. But making friends when you're new to an apartment complex can be a bit like changing schools in the middle of the school year – the cliques are already established and you don't have anyone to sit with at lunchtime. So how can you get off to a good start when you move into a new apartment complex neighbors? Take a look at some tips that can help.

Ask Questions

If you're feeling awkward and can't think of a good way to introduce yourself, try asking questions about the building or the local area. For instance, you could ask if the washing machines in the communal laundry room work reliably, or which local pizza delivery service is best, or if there's a good pharmacy within walking distance. You no doubt have at least a few questions about your new home and local area, so you may as well get the answers from a neighbor.

Not only does this give you a simple way to open a conversation, it allows the neighbor that you're speaking with to share their knowledge with you. Everyone likes to be the expert now and then, even in a small way. Asking for advice gives your neighbor a way to feel like the expert in the conversation, which can help put them in a friendly mood.

Get Involved

Some apartment communities incorporate social aspects – they have a clubhouse, pool, or other common area, they hold scheduled mixers and meetups meant for socializing, or they at least meet regularly for the purpose of discussing how to maintain or improve the premises. If you've moved into one of those complexes, then all you have to do to start making friends is show up. Get involved in the social gatherings or community improvement projects and you'll be one of the gang in no time.

If your apartment complex doesn't have resident common areas or scheduled gatherings, you could always start one yourself. Throw a getting-to-know you party. It doesn't have to be lavish or raucous – just invite people to your place to watch an upcoming game or relax and listen to music. Or you could organize a Neighborhood Watch program. Many people don't realize that a Neighborhood Watch program can be implemented in an apartment complex, but most people will be on-board with protecting your collective homes. Knowing that you're all looking out for each other can be a way to bond with your new neighbors.

Be a Good Neighbor

You'll get a lot further when it comes to making friends with your neighbors if you make an effort to be a good neighbor yourself. You'll have the chance to do that right away, because a lot of the things that you have to do when moving in can be annoying to your new neighbors. This means that you can take steps immediately to minimize the annoyance and show that you'll be a considerate neighbor.

For example, if you're going to be unloading a huge moving truck and five of your closest friends are coming over to help you unpack, chances are that you're going to blocking part of the parking lot and taking up more than your allotted parking spaces. And although most people will understand that this is a temporary and necessary inconvenience, it still doesn't hurt to knock on the doors of the people whose spaces you're taking up or blocking and ask if it's OK to park there for a bit – and let them know where to find you if they need you to move.

You may also be unusually noisy on your moving in day, or you may have things in the hallway that block your neighbor's path. Do what you can to minimize noise and tripping hazards, but more importantly, make it a point to speak to everyone who might be affected. This lets them know that you care about getting along and sharing space responsibly, and it may even lead to a longer chat – or an offer of a helping hand!

When your nearest neighbors are only a few feet away, it pays to be on their good side. They probably want to be on good terms with you as well. Asking for advice, getting involved with the community, and demonstrating your own neighborliness can help you make a good impression and gain some new friends.


21 October 2015

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